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Me at the Galloup School in Big Rapids , Michigan as student.

     I worked at Fishman Transducers and Parker Guitars in the mid 90's, where I built the cutting edge Parker Fly guitar, under luthier Ken Parker.


    At Parker in Woburn, MA, I was responsible for the body drilling and routing department, where I added all of the holes, battery compartment and performed any other drilling or routing that was needed. I then took the bodies to my final assembly area, where I added all of the components such as batteries, wiring, pickups, circuit boards and tuners, to approximately 16 guitars per day. This was followed by my final inspections before the guitars were strung up and shipped.

After two years of playing guitar , I decided to follow my new guitar "love" further and make guitars! I attended the Galloup School in Big Rapids, Michigan, where I made an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar in the course of two months of training, earning a Journeyman Certificate. The acoustic I built looked beautiful and  was graded the highest in the class of about 25 students!

   I have pushed to expand my quality of build, esthetic and sonic abilities, to build guitars that are modern in style and sound, frequently using newer, alternative tonewoods to achieve balance, richness, volume and sustain.

 All major components are built by me and by hand without using CNC.

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