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Available Guitars (There are more available; please inquire)

These are guitars that I have built on spec with no customer standing by. They are reasonably priced, as are all my guitars, and are available for testing as they are completed. If you are interested, please contact me through the "Get In Touch" page to arrange a demo. There may be additional guitars available that are not listed, so please contact with any questions.

Now Available!

  This Peruvian Walnut Dreadnaught was completed at the beginning of July, 2015 and played carefully off and on since then. It has a Sitka Spruce top and Peruvian Walnut back and sides, with a Maple binding and Sitka braces.The fretboard is Padauk and has proven to be reliable and durable if unusual. It is simply appointed with a single rosette line and no purfling or extraneous decoration, much like some classic "working man's" guitars. It has a bone nut and saddle.

  The sound is full, deep and focused with resonant bass tones, good headroom and clarity. It is evenly balanced with a great reaction to flat picking and responsive to finger picking! It is available at a reduced price due to use and very minor wear. Inquire if interested. There's a nice video of songwriter Pierce Pettis demoing it on my blog!

The peghead shape is a more compact version of my standard design, with a Peruvian Walnut overlay and with mother of pearl logo. The tuners are Grover open back and the  neck is Sapele, stained to match the body.

Back is book matched, solid Peruvian Walnut with a maple binding.

Acacia (Koa) Jumbo, with a Sitka top! Here being wet sanded prior to buffing. Think Gibson J-200 with more resonance and sustain!

Big Red Dread! Sitka topped and African Mahogany back and sides! Custom, asymmetrical rosette means you'll never mix your baby up with any other guitar. One of a kind for sure! Neck is Black Limba, with brown and red layers down the back. Fretboard matches binding. (Photo coming soon.)

End wedge with Ziricote V.

No longer available...


At the left is my first 000! With a twelve fret neck and slotted head stock, the smaller body size  is comfortable to hold for hours! It has an Engelmann top for open, responsive finger picking, and clear strumming, with an African mahogany back and sides. This is a great guitar for those looking for a full, clear sound that doesn't overwhelm a singer, but will clearly articulate each note. It is now living the good life in California!


Indian Rosewood OM with and Adirondack top and maple binding!  Guitar is sold but you can order your own with a choice of  appointments for binding rosettes and inlays.

Hawaiian Acacia Jumbo

African Mahogany Dreadnought

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