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New location near Boston, Mass!


Working on cleaning up the finish through close inspection.

Three piece "Dragons Tongue" flame maple back, with Ziricote center section.


Press to start and stop music.

Currently building

OM, Dread, Jumbo, Triple 0 and original

A style guitars!!! (Photo below)

Some available immediately!!


The back of the Cuban Mahogany Dreadnaught that was recently finished, now in the hands of it's new owner, singer/songwriter Jud Caswell! Want to hear him play it? Go to "Players" page.

Maple "A Style" guitar, now owned by Maine Singer/Songwriter Doug Kolmar.

Flame Maple back with 5 piece maple/mahogany neck.
A Style guitar in Flame Maple

New CD! 2020

I Saw You cover.jpg
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