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X marks the spot!

Cutting the X brace is tricky and it needs to be tight when done. But again, I don't need to think a lot, just pay attention. So, more music!

Today's first listening choice; John Gorka's "So Dark You See".

First, I lay the radiused X leg along the blueprints to get the angles right where they cross. One goes under and one over.

After marking the lower brace, I take it to a vice to hold it while I cut halfway through. I have to mark and cut carefully because the joint needs to be as tight as possible.

Second album of the day! Pierce Pettis' "That Kind of Love". Great album, especially the title track!

Now, I check the fit of the first joint against the other brace and file the joint until it just fits.

Once one side is fit, I repeat the other side at the correct juncture and file the joints together until they are well fitted and with the proper angle.Voila!

The security team goes to work on unexpected packages!

Oooh! Parts and stuff! That's a Curly Black Walnut back and side set; it's like getting someone else's christmas gifts that you have to build and then, wait to give them (or sell them, in this case!). Who could it be for?

Pretty flame in the wood! The back is not put together, I just laid them out that way.

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