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Starting in January, I will be offering guitar and ukulele kit building classes at my Fall River studio!


The kits are from Stew Mac and are included in the price of the guitar building class (with minor price differences for top and wood choices) and the uke building class is a flat $300 for any of three sizes, all other specs being the same. Photo is a kit, tenor ukulele top of solid mahogany with a custom rosette added.

Depending on response and schedules of students, the classes will run two nights per week for the guitar building: Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 or 7:00, to 9:30 or 10:00, and the Uke class will be Tuesday nights, same hours. In addition, there will possibly be a Saturday class for 8 hours of guitar building for 5 weeks, and a Saturday class for 8 hours of Uke building, for two sessions in two months. (Photo: Ukulele top being braced! Lots of clamps!)

Lining being installed inside Ukulele sides. The lining gives the top and back a bigger purchase for glueing.